Autonomy that helps growers do more

Burros offers three autonomy packages, as outlined below. Each autonomy package can be combined with our expansion packs to enable optimal high ROI use.

Burro Operating System Software

Harvest-assist platform, conveyor replacement, row-to-row mobility vehicle

With our patented Pop-up Autonomy™, users can rapidly train robots to run routes and execute them across a variety of sites.

Burro Operating System Software PLUS

Towing, attachment control, 24/7 precision missions created online

BOSS PLUS includes all the functionality of Burro Operating System Software, plus:

  1. Lidar enabled Indoor / outdoor localziation and navigation, enabling you to create a map of your site once, then run it forever (One time setup, running forever thereafter)
  2. Go Over There functionality, where you select a destination rather than a route, and Burro figures out how to get there.
  3. ATLAS, an online mission creation tool
  4. NTRIP, enabling sub cm localization / missions to be run without installing a base station

These features allow Burro to autonomously tow, mow, patrol or travel in tightly confined environments.