Burro Adds Bassis as Dealer to Serve Agroindustry Clients in Colombia

(PHILADELPHIA, Penn.; December 5, 2023) – Philadelphia-based Burro, an autonomous mobility company providing solutions for the agriculture industry, announced today that it has added Colombia-based Bassis to its expanding list of dealers worldwide. Bassis is an engineering company dedicated to industrial transformation of its clients in the agroindustrial sector – by way of advanced technologies and robotics, process improvements and logistics optimization. Bassis serves customers across Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and the U.S.

Burro is the leading plug-and-play autonomous people-scale robot available that increases productivity in conventional production environments. It also features patent-pending Pop Up Autonomy™, which means the technology works immediately out of the box and empowers anyone on a job site to be an operator with very little training. Burro does not require centralized control or installation of burdensome infrastructure. Instead, its robots use computer vision (cameras) and AI to learn and to navigate autonomously from points A to B while carrying loads, as well as mowers and partner technology applications, such as artificial pollinators. Burro is proven to help agricultural clients realize improvements in efficiency by up to 40 percent.

Watch Burros at work in a variety of agricultural applications:


“Bassis is focused on companies with labor forces in the agroindustry and in improving the potential of their workforce,” said Basiss’ Alejandro Abad, Chief transformation officer. “Burro is one of the best solutions in the market to help our clients by enabling their people to work faster and more comfortably, efficiently and productively. Burro provides new possibilities to think out of the box to help people work smarter. As more people want new types of jobs and life quality, solutions like Burro are changing the way companies leverage their people. Burro is the solution to many labor challenges in this industry.”

“In the agriculture space productivity is paramount to success. As trained engineers, Bassis offers the unique ability to evaluate farmers’ processes and then improve those practices with measurable outcomes,” said Burro’s Don Black, vice president of growth. “Ag customers can rely on Bassis to be a catalyst for growth, innovation and success with Burro now in their toolbox. We look forward to working closely with Bassis in support of innovative farming applications in this region of the world.”

Two significant operational challenges facing the agriculture industry today are an unprecedented shortage of laborers Burro mitigates labor shortages by enabling force multiplication of workers and taking on the burden of carrying and towing heavy loads in nurseries and orchards.  Burro is one of only a few autonomous robotic solutions available for this purpose that can achieve efficiency gains both indoors and outdoors. In addition to recently achieving the milestone of having traveled 65,000 autonomous miles, the company also has hundreds of robots actively deployed around the world in support of farms, greenhouses and nurseries.

About Burro

Burro, formally known as Augean Robotics, is a Philadelphia-based robotics company building an autonomous platform designed to free growers and their workforce from tedious tasks, while building the modular base for greater autonomy. Founded in 2017, the company offers the only fully autonomous, plug-and-play collaborative farming robot on the market. To learn more Burro, visit burro.ai or or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

About Bassis

We challenge companies and people to transform company’s results by improving processes, changing the team’s mindset and taking the organization to a new level. Our passion for results, simplicity and ability to adapt allow us to solve problems of high complexity and scale. We work with our clients as we do with our team. We develop your technical and leadership skills that allow you to transform your culture and sustain results over time.

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