Our Mission

Our mission at Augean Robotics is to solve the labor problem facing farmers by making robots like Wall-E a reality. To do this, we are starting first with a collaborative robotic platform called Burro, that helps people work more productively today, while building the base for more expansive autonomy where it is needed most. We believe this is the path towards a future where farming is fully autonomous.

Our team includes robotic startup veterans with deep experience in computer vision, robotics, and deep learning, as well as entrepreneurs with direct experience selling and marketing high tech farm/construction machinery with some of the world’s largest companies. We get up every day excited to build the future, where robots do all tedious tasks outdoors.

Our Team

Kevin Leiter
Kevin Leiter Chief Operating Officer
Vanessa McGrath
Vanessa McGrath Chief of Staff and Director of People Operations
Rohit Arora
Rohit Arora Vice President of Product
Terry Scott
Terry Scott Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Guillermo Pita Gil
Guillermo Pita Gil Vice President of Engineering
Vibhor Sood
Vibhor Sood Co-Founder & Director of Engineering
Camillo J. Taylor
Camillo J. Taylor Senior Autonomy Advisor
Shreshtha Basu
Shreshtha Basu Senior Robotics Software Engineer
Stephen Jablonski
Stephen Jablonski Lead Mechanical Engineer
Mona Gridseth
Mona Gridseth Senior Robotics Engineer (Localization and Mapping)
Ross Kessler
Ross Kessler Director, Technical Program Management
Abhilesh Borode
Abhilesh Borode Senior Robotics Software Engineer
Chao Wan
Chao Wan Lead Electrical & Embedded Systems Engineer
Ron Brown, Jr.
Ron Brown, Jr. Principal Software Engineer
Josh Tillett
Josh Tillett Senior Robotics Engineer
Malavika Manoj
Malavika Manoj Robotics Software Engineer
Fanfei Chen
Fanfei Chen Senior Perception and Machine Learning Engineer
Yao-Chung Liang
Yao-Chung Liang Robotics Infrastructure & DevOps Engineer
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen Software Engineer
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith Software Engineer
Ahmed "Safy" Elsafy Senior Robotics Engineer (Localization and Mapping)
Craig Miller
Craig Miller Senior Software Engineer
Chun Chang
Chun Chang Robotics Software Engineer
Logan Danek
Logan Danek Senior Software Engineer
Charlie Andersen
Charlie Andersen CEO
Tyler Ringler
Tyler Ringler Strategy & Operations Analyst
Chris Thiesen
Chris Thiesen Head of California Sales & Service
Noe Toribio
Noe Toribio Sales & Service Representative
Josue Ortega
Josue Ortega Sales & Service Engineer
Angel Robles
Angel Robles Robotic Software Engineer
Isaiah Medina
Isaiah Medina Sales & Service Engineer
Daniel Valladolid
Daniel Valladolid Sales & Service Representative
Jesus Banuelos
Jesus Banuelos Fields Sales and Service Engineer

Our Advisors

Alastair Cooper
Sanjay Aggarwal
Jim Adler
Sanjeev Krishnan
Kirk Haney
Adam Plotkin
Simo Kamppari
John Spletzer

Investors & Partners

We’re honored to work with a world-class group of investors.