Guard crops like never before thanks to our collaboration with Guardian Technologies Group.

Say Goodbye to Crop Damage
Guardian Technologies Group’s proprietary Soundscape Technology is different from legacy sound-based deterrent systems in that Guardian jams animals’ ability to communicate. Wildlife instinctually rely on communication for overall survival. When animals can’t communicate, they will leave a targeted area. Because Guardian affects their instinctual behavior, the technology is proven to work consistently, unlike traditional scare tactics that are temporary and ineffectual long term. With Burro and Guardian, deer, raccoons, possum and birds will no longer be a nuisance on your property.

Easy Collaboration

Simply attach Guardian’s Wildlife Deterrent System to any Burro platform and watch our combined technologies protect your vineyards, orchards and row crops. Burro expands the coverage area wherever you need a wildlife deterrent. Thanks to Burro, you won’t waste valuable time relocating or repositioning Guardian. Rather, Burro will autonomously navigate or reposition Guardian to the impacted zones defined by you.

Versatile Burro

In addition to working as an autonomous mobility device for other technologies, Burro excels at other tasks, such as transporting harvested fruit out of fields and autonomously towing indoors and outdoors on the farm, nursery or greenhouse. Burro is your answer to combatting escalating labor costs.

Discover How Burro Can Go to Work for You

Learn more about how Burro can be a solution to your labor needs. Contact Burro or Guardian for more information.

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