We’re solving for ag labor challenges.

Labor is the #1 challenge facing growers today. Burro has built a smarter farming system incorporating user-friendly, autonomous robots that work side-by-side with farm workers to make agriculture more productive and sustainable.

Burro robots autonomously carry, follow, tow, scout, patrol and mow in agricultural and horticultural settings — reducing manual effort.

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By the numbers

  • 50% of revenue flows to labor in nurseries, berries, table grapes and other permanent/specialty crops — and that number is rising.
  • 2x the amount of food, fiber and bioenergy must be produced by 2050 to meet global demands.
  • Burro amplifies operational productivity of a six to 10 person harvest crew by 10 to 40+ percent, while simultaneously laying the base for more autonomy where it is needed most.