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Pricing & Payment Options

Burros are priced to deliver a return on investment in 30 days or less. Below is our pricing, and how we price Burros. Contact us if you would like a detailed quote.


Burro Base PriceGeneration 6 Burro 4WD, 100ah batteries for 6 mile range, Intel i7 , NVIDIA GPU, 16GB RAM, SSD, forward/rear facing stereo cameras, ATT/Verizon 4G LTE modem, RTK GPS, single top tray, 36 inch width, LED lights front/rear, IP65 rated, 24 amp charger
Option 1:upgraded 125ah batteries for 8 mile range+
Plus Required Service ContractSupport/maintenance package - Training upon delivery, software updates, includes Verizon data plan on each robot and robot online, onsite servicing every 400 hours or if components fail, dashboard to view robot on map/what robot sees - billed annually
Total(with upgraded batteries)

Payment Options

 Robot as a ServiceSaleLeaseLease to Own
Up Front Fee$150 per day per robot
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee
Cost Year 1
Cost Year 2
Total Cost Over 3 Years

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Burros can be ordered for delivery in the spring.