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Pricing & Payment Options

Burros enable 15% to 50% gains across 6 to 10 person teams in table grape harvests.  Given these gains, Burros are priced to deliver a return on investment in 60 days or less, out of the box, ignoring further autonomy and capability that is being developed.

Below is our 2021 list pricing for Burros.  We provide discounts for volume, and view all customers as partners towards more autonomy.

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Burro List PriceGeneration 7 Burro 4WD, 135ah batteries for 8 mile range, Intel i7 , NVIDIA GPU, 16GB RAM, SSD, forward/rear facing stereo cameras, ATT/Verizon 4G LTE modem, RTK GPS, single top tray, 36 inch width, LED lights front/rear, on board IP65 rated, 20 amp charger$20,799 including 3 year Support/maintenance package, which includes training upon delivery, software updates, ATT data plan on each robot and robot online, Burro rep onsite servicing robot every 400 hours or if components fail, and an online dashboard enabling you to to view robot on map/what robot sees in real time
Option 1: Extra Top Tray LayerExtra capacity Top Tray, which adds another layer and enables each Burro to carry 8 field totes+Pricing TBD
Option 2: Barcode ScannerBarcode scanner on board, which enables enables real-time tracking of picker employee productivity in field and matching of totes to where they came from+$599
Option 3: Crop data packageCrop-facing camera mount, for crop-scouting capabilities such as cluster counting+$750

Payment Plans

 Robot as a ServiceSale plus service contractSale3 year lease
We bring Burros to you and provide them as a service each day.14,799 for a Burro, plus 2,199 each year for software updates, service, and support20,799 for a Burro, including software updates, service, and support for 3 yearsLease to own plans are also available
Up Front Fee$175 per day per robot14,79920,799
Annual Fee Year 12,1996,999
Annual Fee Year 22,1996,999
Annual Fee Year 32,1996,999
Total Cost Over 3 Years21,39720,79920,997

Order Burros

Burros can be ordered for delivery in the spring.