Harvest Hacks: Learn How Burro Can Help Spring Harvests Bloom

For growers, it’s never too early to begin thinking about the next harvest season. With winter behind us, the blooms of spring have emerged, reminding growers that peak times to pick are approaching quickly. When growers buy or rent Burros, they are rest assured they’ll have the best machinery to maximize production while improving efficiency and safety for laborers.

Burros are intelligent, AI-driven robots revolutionizing the way produce is harvested. In particular, Burro’s harvest-assist feature shines for harvesting blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (also known as caneberries or soft berries). With harvest assist, these “smart” machines feature a 500-lb. carrying capacity and self-navigate to pickers complete with empty totes for loading. Once loaded, Burro either returns to the designated drop-off point, continues down the same row to another picker, or advances to other rows before returning to the drop-off point. The cycle repeats, as Burro always delivers empty totes and returns them full of produce, thanks to Burro’s easy-to-use autonomy.

By relieving the need for pickers to onerously carry totes across rows to trailers, Burros alleviate repetitive movements and tedious walk times that lead to inefficiency. Typically, four to six pickers per row are paired with one Burro. Burro makes picking and dropping off produce a more consistent flow, reducing bottlenecks in the row and at the trailer. This results in an up to 20 percent boost in productivity. 

By replacing a picker’s walk time with Burro’s autonomous mobility, growers can reduce their harvest cost, increase picker/packer daily production, and improve berry shelf life by getting fruit out of the field and into cold storage more quickly. When combined with the cost savings generated by reduced labor and equipment expenses, the monthly savings with Burros are substantial – especially if growers are experiencing labor shortages.

While we pride ourselves on Burro’s ease of use and minimal training requirements, customers who buy six or more Burros will receive in-person training. For those seeking fewer than six, the company offers loads of training videos online and remote training support, including for customers who choose one of our leasing options. 

Peak your productivity this spring. There is still time to order Burros before the start of the 2024 spring season, but act fast! Order Burro today, via direct purchase from us or lease through our dealer Pacific Ag Rentals.

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