Senior Robotic Software Engineer

Autonomous navigation in complex outdoor environments

At Augean Robotics we are pioneering commercial robots into dynamic unstructured outdoor environments and building the future where collaborative robots work alongside people while laying the foundation for expansive high-value autonomy. Today, our launch product, Burro, is in trials with some of the world’s largest growers, and we are seeking a Senior Robotic Software Engineer who will expand the capabilities and autonomy of our fleet. As an early team member, you will contribute directly to our continued success. You will also hold meaningful equity, and grow as we accelerate our growth.

The role:
• Solve the hard problem in robotics – long-term vision-based autonomy that functions robustly in
ever-changing outdoor settings
• Work alongside our CTO, and with our computer vision, software, and hardware teams, to develop autonomy that enables Burros to robustly navigate through their surroundings
• Architect and maintain a high-quality commercial codebase for a full autonomy stack
• Lead development of vision-based SLAM for outdoor navigation
• Contribute to our culture of collaboration, innovation, and intellectual curiosity

We are looking for:
• Expertise with navigation (SLAM, visual odometry, GPS) and motion control planning
• Professional C++ and Python programming experience
• 2-5+ years of experience in computer vision and robotics
• Outstanding educational credentials including a PhD or Masters in a relevant technical field, or
equivalent industry experience
About Augean Robotics:
Our mission is to free people from tedious tasks outdoors. To do this, we are beginning with collaborative robots that help farm laborers work more productively, while also laying the base for ever more expansive autonomy where it is needed most. Our launch product, Burro, is a vision-based autonomous platform being used today by growers of table grapes, blueberries, and nursery crops. As a full stack company, sitting at the nexus of hardware/robotics, autonomy, and artificial intelligence, we are launching the first generation of robots into the world’s largest industry – agriculture, and solving the #1 challenge facing our food system – labor scarcity. We are backed by some of the top US agtech and tech VCs, and based in Philadelphia, PA.

Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Philadephia

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