Get to Know Burro’s Dealer Partnerships with Ag Experts Worldwide

When you’re in the business of farming, you want access to the most modern and innovative equipment. Burro is proud to have dealer partnerships with ag experts worldwide who provide our autonomous products to diverse growers to help them plan and harvest more productively, efficiently and safely with AI-driven autonomy. From wholesale growers to contractors, and everything in between, our force-multiplying robots answer global agricultural industry challenges, boost profitability and raise the platform for greater growth.

Agri Automation – Australia
Areas of distribution: Australia
About: Agri Automation is a regional provider of innovative agricultural solutions designed to improve productivity and efficiency of farms and nurseries. The partnership establishes Burro as the leading provider of autonomous mobility platforms for the agriculture industry in the Southern Hemisphere. Agri Automation relies on Burro’s multi-use applications as a way to solve labor shortages and integrate the best modern technology for its growers.

Agri Automation – New Zealand
Areas of distribution: New Zealand
About: Operating across New Zealand, Agri Automation offers advanced technology solutions to improve productivity and efficiency. The team’s experienced professionals have a passion for innovation, with a deep understanding of the challenges our customers face. Agri Automation is committed to providing the right tools to optimize its customers’ business operations.

American Horticultural Supply
Area of distribution: U.S. West Coast
About: For 40 years, AHS has been a leading supplier of greenhouse and nursery supplies in the Western United States. Founded in 1984, AHS provides a wide range of products and services to help growers, garden centers and horticultural professionals effectively manage their operations and cultivate plants. Burro best serves AHS clientele with its substantial capacity when towing and ability to replace the use of conveyor belts, increasing plant movement by 28 percent. 

Areas of distribution: Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico & the U.S.
About: Bassis is an engineering company dedicated to industrial transformation of its clients in the agroindustrial sector by way of advanced technologies and robotics, process improvements and logistics optimization. It leverages Burro autonomy to help its clients alleviate labor shortages and to allow current workers to perform faster and more comfortably.

Haggerty AgRobotics
Area of distribution: Canada
About: Haggerty AgRobotics is a leader in the emerging agriculture robotics and automation industry. Haggerty seeks to develop relationships with the leading ag technology companies, including Burro, to commercialize and bring new innovations to farmers in Canada.

Pacific Ag Rentals
Area of distribution: United States
About: Salinas, Calif.-based Pacific Ag Rentals (PAR), is a leading provider of agricultural tractor and equipment rentals in the U.S. The partnership makes the delivery of Burro robots throughout most of the U.S. 

Area of distribution: Chile
About: Taglermaq has over 30 years of experience sourcing innovative agricultural equipment and machinery to provide industry-leading products to its clients and communities throughout Chile. Taglermaq’s clientele will especially benefit from Burro’s harvest-assist feature, which vastly reduces laborer walk times within field rows and onerous load-carrying, reducing fatigue and risk of injury.

Tamir Ag Electronics
Area of distribution: Israel
About: Tamir is a prominent distributor of high-tech agricultural equipment and electronics throughout Israel, known for its adoption of advanced technologies and focus on best-in-class customer service. Its partnership with Burro brings the latest in autonomous farming technology to Israel’s diverse agriculture industry. 

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