Now Available: Burro’s Mowing & Attach Pack

Burro’s Mowing & Attach Pack offers growers autonomous mowing of fields and rows. When combined with our auto-docking station, Burro will autonomously dock, charge and start again to enable 24/7 mowing.

  • Comes standard with a 33-inch Zanon mower, however it can attach an up to 40-inch-wide mower from BCS, Zanon or other manufacturer.
  • Is compatible with other attachments from BCS and Zanon. The hitch includes an EPTO to power these implements.
  • Is equipped with Atlas, Burro’s new mission-based autonomy tool. Remotely map areas or set precise rows to mow using an intuitive online tool. Operators can push routes to Burros and direct them to mow 24/7.

Watch: Burro Mower in Action

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