2023 Standard pricing – FL

Below is our standard pricing for Burros sold individually. Figures shown exclude shipping and tax, and is subject to change. Click here if you’d like a detailed quote.

HardwareAutonomy / SAAS48-Month Roll-Over Plan*
Burro Platform$14,999$200/month$2,000 down, then $599/month
Plus Expansion Packs
Advanced Towing Pack$6,999$99/month$314/month
Towing Pack$749$49/month$72/month
GuardDog/Docking Station Pack$2,999$99/month$191/month
Scout Pack (Crop Data Camera Package)$2,000$49/month$111/month
Raise / Lower Attach Pack (Available in September)$3,000$49/month$141/month
Raise / Lower Attach Pack with EPTO (Available in September)$10,000$49/month$357/month
Raise / Lower Attach Pack with EPTO & Mower (Available in September)$14,999$49/month$511/month
RTK Base Station$2,000$0/month$62/month
Burro Kits
XL Kit$699$0/month$30/month

*Includes hardware and annual autonomy, with the option to continue the locked-in payment and upgrade to a new Burro every 48 months.