2024 Standard pricing

Burros are priced under 2 plans – Hardware + recurring, OR 48-month Burro-as-a-service.  With hardware + recurring plan, you purchase a Burro, and pay a recurring fee for autonomy.  With the 48-Month Burro-As-A-Service, you pay a fixed fee per month for 48 months – at the end of this period, you can continue paying that fee and get a new Burro/new hardware, or pay a reduced fee for the autonomy, and own the hardware.

Figures shown exclude shipping and tax, and are subject to change. Click here if you’d like a detailed quote or schedule a meeting with Burro.

Pricing Plan


Hardware +


Burro Platforms

$15,749 +
$209/month (base autonomy)

$2,000 down then $632/month

$16,483 +
$209/month (base autonomy)

$2,000 down then $655/month

$25,999 +
$315/month (base autonomy)

$2,000 down then $1,054/month

Performance Expansion Packages

Burro expansion packs include added hardware, and autonomy, to unlock new capabilities. 


Image shows a Burro autonomously navigating a commercial nursery, as directed by an Atlas mission plan.


Indoor Towing Kit

Base Burro with LiDAR only.

$2,500 + $104/month

(Hardware costs)

Docking Station Pack

Image shows a docking station for Burro robots, which enables 24/7 operation with autonomous docking to charge.

$3,149 +$104/month

(adds Atlas High Precision autonomy and docking behavior)


Burro Guard Dog™ Pack

Image shows a Burro equipped with docking station and Burro Guard Dog™ autonomy, which enables 24/7 site patrolling.

$3,149 +$104/month

(adds Atlas High Precision autonomy and docking behavior)


Raise / Lower Attach Pack with EPTO & Mower

Image shows a Burro equipped with raise/lower ePTO and an included Zanon 33-inch mower.

$15,749 +$52/month

(adds Atlas Mission autonomy)


Kits & Accessories

Burro kits and accessories can be field-installed on any Burro. 

RTK Base Station

Image shows a Burro RTK base station and the included case.



Virtual RTK Base Station (NTRIP)


XL Kit

Image shows a Burro with XL kit installed.



Spare Parts


*Includes hardware and annual autonomy, with the option to continue the locked-in payment and upgrade to a new Burro every 48 months.