Burros are collaborative robots designed to help people work more productively today, while building the base for the automation where it is needed most. Our technology utilizes computer vision, high-precision GPS and AI to follow people and navigate autonomously from A to B while carrying, towing and scouting. Burros work immediately out of the box with no need for a central command or new infrastructure.

Autonomy for all

Infinitely capable

Burros can carry; tow; scout; patrol; pull, push or propel a variety of attachments; and serve as a platform for manipulation.






Easy to use

Burros unlock autonomy for anyone in seconds. Turn on and go.

Constantly learning: Burros receive Over the Air (OTA) updates with new software, capabilities and AI models every two weeks.

Where can Burro provide solutions?

Today, hundreds of Burros are at work across three continents. Burros support or serve as:

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AI + Computer Vision = Empowered Users

Quick set-up

Pop Up Autonomy™ is our patent-pending approach that allows Burro to work immediately out of the box and enables everyone as an operator with no need for a central command or new infrastructure.

Get to work immediately

Pop-Up Autonomy™ allows one trained Burro to share knowledge across an entire fleet of Burros for immediate productivity gains and superior ease of use. Fleets of Burros are tracked online via a user-friendly dashboard, providing users with command center-level control.

Localization and navigation

Burro robots use both computer vision and high-precision GPS to learn and teach themselves to navigate new environments. This means that Burros can run on “digital train tracks” through complex settings, all day long, even if GPS is not available.


Burros utilize AI to understand their surroundings and safely travel through tall weeds and branches, while also stopping for real obstacles.

Hardware that works at scale in harsh conditions

High temperatures, moisture, dust or abuse

Burros are IP65 rated and designed to operate all day long in 110 F / 40+ C temperatures all day, while taking abuse inherent to real-world field conditions.

Quick-swap batteries and on-board charging

Burros feature on-board 120V chargers. When you need more power, users can swap batteries in minutes, with no tools required.

Field serviceable

Burros are built with field use in mind.  The only components requiring service are batteries, motor brushes and occasional tire replacements. If a component requires replacement, it can be completed without tools quickly and easily.

Easily transported

Two Burros fit easily in a six-foot pickup truck bed. Six Burros fit on a standard 16-foot trailer.


Burros are shipped in packs of one or six. For order of 70 or more, Burros are sent in a shipping container.

An expandable platform you can grow with

Modular and expandable

Burros serve as the backbone for fully autonomous work outdoors. With power and data, online connectivity and vision-centric mobility and perception, Burros are designed to provide ever-more capability and to support partnering companies.

Contact us if you are interested in leveraging our platform or data.

Our vision

Burro today

Burro is an autonomous carrying, towing, scouting and patrolling robot that enables those working in vineyards, nurseries, berries and other outdoor environments to produce more (often yielding an <6 month ROI).

Burro tomorrow

Burro is positioned to serve as an autonomous platform to take on tasks outdoors that people no longer safely can do or want to do.

Burro platform brochure and specifications

Options and accessories

Burro XL kit (for more stability and capacity)

  • Burros can be equipped with a stability kit that widens the platform to 36 inches with a lengthened wheelbase
  • This enables stability in steep terrain and when handling heavier loads. Ideal use is in citrus, stone fruit sites, solar-panel sites and hillier blueberry fields.
  • With a stability kit, Burros can support up to pallet-scale loads.

RTK base station

  • Burros can work in GPS-denied environments (ex. indoors, under canopies, etc.)
  • RTK base stations are available for users seeking sub-CM accurate routes or all-day/week/month/year reliable routes. This provides a correction signal for an infinite number of Burros, within a .5-mile radius.
  • We have options for higher range antennas
  • The base station ships in a case that can be used for transport or for permanent installation
  • The base includes a field tripod

Trailer hitch

  • One or two trailer hitches can be added to Burros (on the front and rear)
  • Hitches can tow trailers in nurseries or be used for other applications

Autonomous charging dock

  • Burros can be equipped with an autonomous dock, enabling 24/7 operation
  • Charging only yields 20 to 30-percent downtime (depending on battery load)

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