Burros are people-scale collaborative robots designed to help people work more productively today, while building the base for more automation where it is needed most.

Burros use computer vision, high precision GPS, and AI to follow people and navigate autonomously from A to B while carrying, towing, and scouting.

Burros feature a novel and patent-pending approach called Pop Up Autonomy™ – with Pop Up Autonomy™ Burros work immediately out of the box, everyone becomes an operator, and there is no need for a means of commanding everything centrally or installing infrastructure.

What can Burro’s Autonomy do?

Burros are able to carry, to tow, to scout, to patrol, and to serve as a platform for manipulation.

Pop Up
AI that sees
the world
Locally & Online
Control for
Safe with
Can dock
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Where can Burro provide solutions?

Today, hundreds of Burros are at work across three continents.  Burros work in:

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AI + Vision – Built to Empower Users!

Quick Setup with Pop-Up Autonomy™

Anyone can turn on a Burro and go right to work within seconds!

What is Pop-Up Autonomy™?

Burros feature a patent pending approach where users train robots, and all robots on site then can absorb those lessons to navigate progressively more of an operation.

At the same time, all Burros are online, with an online dashboard, enabling command-center style approaches.

Localization & Navigation

Burro robots use BOTH computer vision and high precision GPS to learn and teach themselves to navigate new environments.  This means that Burros can run on “digital train tracks” through complex settings, all day long, even if GPS is not available.


Burros use artificial intelligence to understand what is going on around them – this allows Burros to safely travel through tall weeds and branches, while also safely stopping for real obstacles.

Hardware that works at scale in harsh conditions!

High Temperature, Moisture, Dust, Abuse

Burros are IP65 rated, and designed to operate all day long in 110 F / 40+ C temperatures, all day long, while taking the abuse inherent in real world field conditions.

Quick swap-able batteries and on Board Charging

Burros feature onboard 120V chargers – done for the day?  Just plug them in.  And, if you need more power, batteries can be swapped in <2 minutes without any tools.

Field Service-able System

Burros are built with field use in mind.  The only components requiring service are batteries, motor brushes, and occasional tire replacements.  If a component needs to be replaced, Burro’s brain box can be opened without tools in <1 minute.

Easily Transported!

2 Burros fit easily in a 6 foot pickup truck bed.  6 fit on a standard 16 foot trailer.

How do they ship?

Burros can be shipped in 1 packs, 6 packs, or 70+ to a shipping container.

An expandable platform you can grow with!

Modular and Expandable

Burros are designed to form the backbone for fully autonomous work outdoors.  With power and data, online connectivity, and vision-centric mobility and perception, Burros are designed to provide ever more capability, and to support partnering companies.

Contact us if you are interested in leveraging our platform as a tool partner, or in using data from our platform.

Our Vision

Burro Today

An autonomous carrying, towing, scouting, and patrolling robot that enables people working in vineyards, nurseries, berries, and other outdoor environments to produce more (often yielding an <6 month ROI), that is online and packed with cameras.

Burro Tomorrow

An autonomous platform that supports many of the tasks that people no longer want to do outdoors.

Burro Platform Brochure and Specifications

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