• Burros are people-scale collaborative robots designed to help people work more productively today, while building the base for more automation where it is needed most
  • Burros use computer vision, high precision GPS, and AI to follow people and navigate autonomously from A to B while carrying various payloads
  • Burros feature a novel and patent-pending approach called Pop Up Autonomy™ – with Pop Up Autonomy™ Burros work immediately out of the box, everyone becomes an operator, and there is no need for a means of commanding everything centrally or installing infrastructure
  • If you’d like to demo Burros, email sales@burro.ai

Burros in Use Gallery



Options & Packages

Barcode Scan Package

We offer a barcode scanning system for Burro.  With this system, you can get real-time data on employee harvesting productivity.  All of this data is also localized to the area from which produce was harvested, enabling primitive yield mapping.  The package includes:

  • a scanner on each robot
  • access to an API whereby that data can be fed into various systems in real time

Crop Camera Package

Burros can be ordered with a global shutter crop camera and mount.  This option is necessary to yield crop scouting data such as cluster counts.

Nursery/Towing Package

Burros can be ordered with a towing package – this includes:

  • Central control (maps trained on a single robot, that can be shared to other units on site, and selected to run via an online interface), plus autonomy that considers the size of the trailer for path planning – we charge a recurring fee for this added software
  • Larger LFP batteries for added range
  • Hitches

Expansion and Tool Development

The Burro platform is sold commercially as a product to growers and users in specialty crops including table grapes, blueberries, caneberries, and nursery crops.

A people-scale platform, that is modular and expandable, has enormous potential to deliver ever-more-expansive autonomy where it is needed most.  Burros are used for in-field transportation today, but can perform tasks such as towing trailers, UV-treatment, spraying/spot spraying, crop scouting/data collection, and eventually higher dexterity tasks such as picking and pruning.  Visit our technology and roadmap page to view our progression towards comprehensive autonomy outdoors.

Additionally, we sell/rent robots, and work collaboratively with research groups and other companies looking to develop further autonomy and capabilities around Burro’s autonomy and data.  Please get in touch if you are looking to develop and deploy further tasks to fill opportunities for robotics.