Burros in citrus and stone fruit

Many of our customers use Burros in citrus fields and other fruit that is packed into field totes. Customers report a yield increase of 20 to 40 percent in this application and simultaneously replace a significant amount of tractors and tractor labor in the field.

The table below shows the output increase of 10 to 50 percent with a team of four people and one Burro in a single season

XL Kit: Available now

Our XL Kit widens and lengthens the Burro platform so that growers can carry more volume and heavier loads. Burro’s XL Kit may be combined with Burro’s Advanced Towing Pack. The XL Kit offers:

  • Increased payload capacity (Kit carries up to 750 lbs. versus Burro’s standard 500 lbs.)
  • Improved stability
  • Ability to stack trays higher

Want to try Burro?

  • Burros are available today.
  • For California-based customers, we offer paid demos.
  • For growers located outside of California, we sell Burros individually or in packs of six so that you can try them before scaling up.
  • Production volume is currently limited to 20 to 30 Burros per week.