Burros in Citrus and Stone Fruit

Many of our customers use Burros in citrus and other fruit that is packed into field totes (rather than Bins).  Customers see significant (20-40%) gains in this application, and simultaneously replace a significant amount of tractors / tractor labor in field.

10-50% Gains with 4 People/Burro = single season ROI

Available Stability Kit

An available stability kit widens/lengthens Burros for higher payloads and greater stability in steeper conditions.

Want to try Burro?

  • Burros are available today!
  • If you’re based in California, we do paid demos
  • For growers located outside of California, we sell Burros individually or in six packs so that you can try them before scaling
  • Production volume is limited to 20-30 Burros / week today