Burro platform

  • Burros are designed to be an autonomous mobility platform for carrying, towing, patrolling, scouting, data capture and manipulation tasks on farms, nurseries, solar sites and beyond.
  • In addition to being fully autonomous in a variety of conditions, Burros are also modular and built for easy customization.
  • Look for our API coming in 2024 that will allow your technology to integrate with Burro for a “smart solution” that is perfect for spraying, pest control, picking or any other application that could benefit from combining tech to build a smarter farming system that makes human labor more productive.

Burro platforms at work

Example 1: Bumblebee AI pollination on Burros

  • Bumblebee AI builds a pollination system that is manually pushed up and down rows in crops like blueberries.
  • The pollination system gently vibrates the plants to increase yields by 20 to 30 percent or more.
  • Bumblebee AI’s product installs on Burros. With a Burro, the pollination can be performed autonomously, without human labor.

Example 2: Bitwise

  • Bitwise  uses raw imagery from the field to create AI models and produce data around crop yields and health.
  • Bitwise AI runs on Burros. With this pairing, users can put a Burro in the field and produce crop data in real time throughout entire blocks.

Example 3: Solar Installation Machines

  • Solar Installation Machines is developing a solar installation system to enable autonomous build-outs of solar panel sites.

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