An autonomous platform for many jobs

Burros are built to enable a broad number of tasks. To further expand capabilties and accelerate ROI, Burros can adopt toolbars, mowers, sprayers, cameras, hitches, autonomous docking stations and many other technologies.

Tow pack

  • The Burro tow pack adds significant capability to the platform
  • The pack includes:
    • 360-degree
    • 3D LiDAR
    • 3x larger batteries
    • Safety rotary beacon
    • Trailer hitch, which includes a two-inch receiver. Various hitches are available that hook to this receiver. These can be used to tow trailers in nurseries or other applications

24/7 Patrol pack

  • Burros can be equipped with an autonomous dock, enabling 24/7 operation
    Charging only yields 20 to 30-percent downtime (depending on battery load)
  • Alert software sends alerts when people are seen for added security

Crop data pack

  • Stereo camera system featuring 5MP color cameras
  • Counts grapes, berries and other crops in the field, autonomously and in real time
  • Can be added to all Burros

Attach Pack (Powered Toolbar for Autonomous Mowing, Tools, etc.)

  • The powered toolbar pack is an autonomous raise/lower/powered toolbar
  • This can be used to power BCS attachments, such as mowers
  • Can be use use to rake, cultivate, weed and sweep
  • Support of a variety of ground-engaging tasks

Sprayer [In Development]

  • Contact us for more information about an autonomous sprayer for Burros