Atlas has revolutionized use of Burro by enabling users to remotely plan routes, from any location with an internet connection. Whether you use Atlas to map precision routes for one Burro or for multiple fleets based in separate locations, Atlas makes it easy and convenient.

Create and manage routes with Atlas

  • Atlas enables users to easily create and manage routes across fleets of Burros remotely.
  • Intuitive platform integrates with leading mapping providers (Mapbox, Google Maps, etc.) to provide high-resolution aerial imagery of sites for precise waypoint plotting.
  • Efficiently create and manage routes for Burro fleets operating in multiple locations.
  • Name, save and edit routes for future use and efficiency.

Atlas Demo

Start using Atlas

Atlas mission autonomy is available with Burro’s Advanced Towing Pack, Mowing & Attach Pack, XL Kit and Guard DogTMThis tool can be used across multiple markets and for many different applications. To enable Atlas, contact Burro.

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