Go bigger. Carry more.

Burro XL is available from factory on new Burros, and also as a kit you can install in the field.

Our XL Kit widens and lengthens the Burro platform so that growers can carry more volume and heavier loads. Ideal for a variety of applications, Burro’s XL Kit is particularly helpful in citrus and stone fruit fields and may be combined with Burro’s Advanced Towing Pack. The XL Kit offers:

  • Increased payload capacity (Kit carries up to 750 lbs. versus Burro’s standard 500 lbs.)
  • Improved stability
  • Ability to stack trays higher

XL Kit in action

Time-lapse installation

Get started

The XL kit allows growers to carry larger and heavier loads, with greater stability. To learn more or buy now, connect with our sales team.