The challenge

Labor is the #1 challenge facing growers today. With costs rising and availability falling, growers are in dire need of autonomous solutions to help farms survive.


minimum wage in states like California


of revenue flows to labor in nurseries, berries, table grapes and other permanent/specialty crops — and that number is rising


the amount of food, fiber and bioenergy that must be produced by 2050 to meet global demands

The solution

We have built a smarter farming system incorporating user-friendly, autonomous robots that work side-by-side with farm workers to make agriculture more productive and sustainable.

Each Burro increases the productivity of a six to 10 person harvest crew by 10 to 40+ percent, while simultaneously laying the base for more autonomy where it is needed most.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where robots work alongside people to complete strenuous tasks. One where robots free workers to focus on more valuable work and enable owners to do more with less. Join us in unlocking a path towards a more user-friendly, autonomous tomorrow, beginning with Burro.

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Every day, we are excited to help growers and their workers shift more labor to our collaborative autonomous robots. Our vision is to do for farm workers what PCs did for office workers — by democratizing access to autonomous technology we see paths to improve both owner and worker outcomes.

Charlie Andersen, CEO

Meet Burro

Introducing Burro, the only fully autonomous robot of its kind that works alongside people to force-multiply their work, while constantly learning to do more.

Burro pulls together innovative autonomous functions, including machine learning, high-precision GPS and Pop Up Autonomy™, to create the first high-quality autonomous platform that anyone can use.


Burros in use


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Investors & Partners

We’re honored to work with a world-class group of investors.

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