Amplify Your

Meet Burro: a first-of-it’s-kind autonomous workhorse collaborative robot. Embrace autonomous solutions to enhance productivity and combat the challenges of labor scarcity.

Side-by-side Collaboration

Autonomous robots that work alongside farm workers to amplify their work, both inside and outside

Offset 1-2+ employees each day per Burro

An 8 person harvest crew, using a single Burro, can harvest 15% to 30%+ more fruit daily.  A single Burro can offset one tractor and operator towing trailers in nurseries


Burros save labor, today, in nurseries, vineyards, berries, construction, and beyond, and unlock autonomy for countless new applications

Meet our one-of-a-kind fully autonomous robot.

Designed to work alongside people to force-multiply their work, while constantly learning to do more, Burro pulls together innovative functions, including machine learning, high-precision GPS and Pop-Up Autonomy™, to create the first high-quality, autonomous platform that anyone can use.

Multi-sensor technology

Equipped with a camera, Lidar and RTK-GPS, working together to understand surroundings.

Heavy-duty and strong

Comfortably carry up to 1,500 lbs and tow up to 5,000 lbs

Intuitive touchscreen controls

Clean and simple to use interface with controls available in multiple languages.

Multiple layers of safety

Including lidar for 360° protection, front and rear bumpers, and emergency stop buttons

Tough and adaptive

IP65 rated and designed to operate all day long in tough conditions

Autonomous mobility solutions

Eliminate the need for a tractor and a driver. All you need is a person on each end to load and unload.

Plug-and-play collaboration

Learn a route and upload it to your whole fleet. The more it works, the smarter everyone gets.

Platform technology for partners

Eliminate the need for a tractor and a driver. All you need is a person on each end to load and unload.

Build Your Fleet Today.

Our sales team can assist you in figuring out what configuration would best suit your unique needs and environment.

Three sizes, infinite capabilities.

As your needs grow and change, each of our Core Drive Units can be upgrade to do even more with expansion packs and autonomy software.

Not sure which combination would be best for your unique needs? We’re here to help!

The Original Burro

Our flagship product. Designed to be compact and adaptable for a variety of applications. Commonly used for harvest-assist.

Carry Capacity

500 lbs

Towing Payload

2,500 lbs




8-10 miles

Burro XL

Features a wider platform so that growers can carry more volume and heavier loads. Ideal for a variety of applications, Burro’s XL Kit is particularly helpful in citrus and stone fruit fields.

Carry Capacity

750 lbs

Towing Payload

2,500 lbs




8-10 miles

Burro Grande

Our most powerful robot. Designed to autonomously tow more, carry more, do more in agricultural settings. Seamlessly navigate indoor/outdoor with the addition of lidar.

Carry Capacity

1,500 lbs

Towing Payload

5,000 lbs




13-15 miles

Burros in Action


Burros sold to date


autonomous miles driven (3 laps of the planet!)


so far, and growing

Ready to Work in All Conditions

High temperatures, moisture, dust and abuse—no problem. Burros are IP65 rated and designed to operate all day long in 110 f / 40+ C temps all day, while taking abuse inherent to real-world field conditions. They are also careful enough to work in more sensitive environments like greenhouses.

Do more with Expansion packs & higher-powered autonomy.

A growing set of expansion packs, and three levels of autonomy, enable you to use Burros year round accross your operations.

Scout with Bitwise Agronomy

Tow with Burro Grande

Patrol with our Guard Dog

Burro Pop-Up Autonomy™

Our patented Pop-Up Autonomy™ enables users to operate Burros out of the box, create routes and executive them across a variety of sites.

Great for: 


Conveyer Replacement

Row-To-Row Mobility

Atlas Mission Autonomy

Atlas Mission Autonomy enables users to create and execute 24/7 missions online, and then push them to fleets
of Burros.

Great for: 

Basic Towing



High-Precision Atlas Mission Autonomy

High Precision Atlas Mission Autonomy enables users to create routes online that are sub-CM throughout the site, with corrections sent over cellular.

Great for: 

Advanced Towing, Mowing and Patrol

Attachment Control

24/7 Precision Missions

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