The Burro Grande was designed with you in mind.

Designed to work alongside people to force-multiply their work, while constantly learning to do more, Burro pulls together innovative functions, including machine learning, high-precision GPS and Pop-Up Autonomy™, to create the first high-quality, autonomous platform that anyone can use.



Up to 15 miles


1,500 lbs

Carrying Capacity

5,000 lbs

Towing Payload

Key Features


18×8.5-10 R1 (tread pattern) tires for better traction and lateral stability


Enables 360° obstacle detection, indoor navigation, and better visualization in all lighting conditions


Heavy duty dual stage helical wheel drive, ideal for larger payloads for towing and carrying applications


Powered by 2 x 100Ah, 48V batteries that enable carrying or towing heavy loads indoors and out for up to 15 miles between charges


Standard Hitch with a 2-inch receiver

Top Tray

Large flatbed that can fit standard pallet sized loads

Easy to use.

Pop-Up Autonomy™ is our patent-pending approach that allows Burro to work immediately out of the box and enables everyone as an operator with no need for a central command or new infrastructure. Turn it on and go.

Infinitely Capable.

In addition to serving as a platform, Burros can carry, tow, scout, patrol, mow, push, pull or propel a variety of attachments, and serve as a platform for manipulation.

Super Smart.

Burro robots use both computer vision and high-precision GPS to learn and teach themselves to navigate new environments. This means that Burros can run on “digital train tracks” through complex settings, all day long, even if GPS is not available. They use AI to understand their surroundings and safely travel through tall weeds and branches, and stopping for real obstacles and people.

And always getting smarter.

Once you train one burro, share that knowledge across an entire fleet for immediate productivity gains and superior ease of use. Fleets are tracked online via a user-friendly dashboard, providing users command center level control. Plus, Burros receive Over the Air (OTA) updates with new software, capabilities and AI models every two weeks.

Fully Autonomous – Indoors & Outdoors

Burro Grande comes with our entire Burro Operating System, enabling you to create missions and map/navigate autonomously through your entire indoor and outdoor operation.

High-Precision Atlas Mission Autonomy
Person following and obstacle stopping
Row following and row-to-row through blocks
Teach-and-repeat and route sharing
Create routes with 1cm precision
Autonomous docking
Push online routes to Burros
Attachment control
Virtual Base Station with NTRIP (where available)
Lidar Localization (Enables indoor navigation)

Build Your Fleet Today.

Our sales team can assist you in figuring out what configuration would best suit your unique needs and environment.

Advanced features for added layers of safety

Utilizing lidar, computer vision, high-precision GPS and AI

Operate using the technology of our original Burro, with the additional security of 360° obstacle detection using Lidar. Safety is our top priority, as shown in the redundancy of our safety features.

  1. Adaptive horn when in motion
  2. High-vis flashing lights
  3. 3D LiDAR for 360° protection
  4. Front/back safe-stop bumper bars
  5. Cameras with wide fields of view
  6. E-stop button for quick control
  7. Chime alerts for detected obstacles
  8. Accounts for attached trailer width

Increase your capabilities with an expansion pack.

Burro Grande integrates with the following expansion packs & kits.

Not sure which combination would be best for your unique needs? We’re here to help!

Docking station
$3,149 + $104/month

Hands-off charging capability

Configure charging and working schedule

Enable continuous

Burro Guard Dog™
$3,149 + $104/month

Autonomous charging enables 24/7 runtime

Receive intruder alerts via text or the web

Randomize routes

Burro Remote Control Pack

Hitch up and maneuver from far away with a wireless remote

Ready to Work in All Conditions

High temperatures, moisture, dust and abuse—no problem. Burros are IP65 rated and designed to operate all day long in 110 f / 40+ C temps all day, while taking abuse inherent to real-world field conditions. They are also careful enough to work in more sensitive environments like greenhouses.