Carry, Scout, Patrol, Tow, Manipulate

Burros are able to carry, to tow, to scout, to patrol, and to serve as a platform for manipulation.  Today, hundreds of Burros are at work in vineyards, nurseries, blueberries, caneberries, solar sites, and across a growing set of new environments.

Technology & Roadmap

Our team sees a path towards fully autonomous work outdoors, beginning today with Burros. Burros deliver off-road autonomy through the use of computer vision, machine learning, and high precision GPS. Burros are also online, and provide a mobile base for more expansive autonomy, where it is needed most.

Enabling more comprehensive automation tomorrow

Burros are designed to enable expansion towards comprehensive automation of the most tedious work outdoors. By creating digital train tracks throughout highly-labor intensive crops, Burros are building the base towards a comprehensive AI-driven understanding of each plant, and towards greater autonomous dexterity.

Localization & Navigation

Our robots use vision and high precision GPS to learn and teach themselves outdoor and indoor paths, which they can then reliably and accurately repeat, while also handling changing lighting and environmental/weather conditions. This enables them to robustly and reliably build and run on “digital train tracks” through complex farming settings.


Our autonomy stack includes machine learning models that allow Burros to safely travel through weeds and branches while also safely stopping for real obstacles.

People Following

Burros use a machine learning detection and tracking model to reliably follow a designated person, remote-free, through any setting.

Pop-Up Autonomy™

Burros have an on board interface that anyone can learn to use in seconds. This means anyone can turn on a Burro and go right to work.

At the same time, all Burros are online, with an online dashboard, enabling command-center style approaches.

Burro Today

Moving and data collection System One Burro enables 8-12 people to produce 43% more boxes of fruit/day, yielding a 30 day ROI Modem on board, 12 cameras, cloud connected

Burro Tomorrow

Autonomous data around crop ripeness/yields, health, health disease, weeds and pests, plus high dexterity autonomy (picking, pruning, weeding, spot spraying)

The Cornerstone for Full Autonomy

Burro is modular and expandable, with technology built in that forms the backbone for a fully autonomous farm. We’re working to leverage our online vision-centric mobile robots, complete with power and data to provide more capability, both internally, and with partners.

Contact us if you are interested in leveraging our platform as a tool partner, or in using data from our platform.

AI-based Crop Data/Scouting

Burros are online, with 12 cameras on board, and numerous mounts for higher resolution crop facing cameras. Additionally, Burros feature a powerful on-board CPU and GPUs, coupled with precise GPS. This combination of capabilities enables various crop scouting behaviors.

Our team is developing some scouting capabilities in table grapes today, and we also share this data with other companies interested in leveraging data to perform yield mapping, cluster counting, digital etymology, etc.

Low Dexterity Autonomy / Implements

Burros can be equipped with various attachments enabling low dexterity functions. Our team is developing some capabilities in table grapes today, including UV lighting for treatment of certain pests/disease, spraying, and spot spraying.

We also collaborate with companies and groups looking for a tool carrier platform to enable their autonomous functions.

Contact us if you are a grower, and would like to pilot some of these technologies, or if you are developing dexterity and would like to leverage the Burro Platform.

Medium and High Dexterity Autonomy

We are working towards dexterity that enables cluster removal plus transport to central point, along with pruning, selective weeding, and ultimately high dexterity tasks that fully replicate work done by people today (i.e. both picking and processing table grapes clusters). We also partner with companies who are looking for a mobile base that can autonomously navigate, while carrying their medium and high dexterity manipulators.