Our Burro Robots provide reliable off-road farm autonomy through the use of computer vision, machine learning, and high precision GPS.

Autonomy you can put to work today

Burros feature a proprietary autonomy stack with artificial intelligence that has been trained over thousands of autonomous miles and hours of operation.  Burros perceive and navigate through complicated outdoor settings using computer vision, and, because they drive themselves, can be used by any worker.

Localization & Navigation

Our robots use vision and high precision GPS to learn and teach themselves outdoor and indoor paths, which they can then reliably and accurately repeat, while also handling changing lighting and environmental/weather conditions. This enables them to robustly and reliably build and run on “digital train tracks” through complex farming settings.


Our autonomy stack includes machine learning models that allow Burros to safely travel through weeds and branches while also safely stopping for real obstacles.

People Following

Burros use a machine learning detection and tracking model to reliably follow a designated person, remote-free, through any setting.

Pop-Up Autonomy™

Burros have an on board interface that anyone can learn to use in seconds. This means you can turn on a Burro and go right to work.

The Cornerstone for Full Autonomy Tomorrow

The technology built into Burro forms the backbone for an autonomous farm.  As our platform evolves, we’ll add more capability.