Burros in nurseries

  • Burros have been extensively perfected in nurseries and can replace conveyor belts for rapid and immediate gains.
  • Burros also have a towing feature which is currently in an alpha/beta release phase.

How are Burros used in nurseries?

Replacing conveyor belts

  • Burros are used to move produce in nurseries, often replacing conveyor belts.
  • Burros generate rapid productivity growth because they require no setup or take-down time and can be operated without any infrastructure.

Towing in nurseries

  • Towing trailers is a capability that Burros will have soon.
  • Burros are at work today with select customers in the California region performing towing in a trial format.
  • Towing will be broadly available in 2024. If you’d like to sign up for a towing trial or wish to buy Burros to tow, fill out this form and request it in the comments.

ROI replacing conveyor belts

  • Burros eliminate setup time and produce similar throughput.
  • For many nursery operations, this gain means a labor reduction of 25 to 50+ percent.

Want to try Burro?

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