Never mow again.

With a Mowing & Attach Pack, operators can attach mowers from BCS, Zanon and other manufacturers to Burro robots to autonomously mow areas and rows continuously. Paths are mapped online via an intuitive tool that enables precision routes.

The hardware

  • The hitch includes an ePTO that powers implements and a 200ah 48V battery pack for three to six hours of mowing time, depending on field conditions.
  • This enables autonomous mowing of areas and rows, and can be combined with Burro’s docking station to autonomously mow > dock to charge > mow continuously.
  • Pack comes standard with a 33-inch Zanon mower, but is compatible with other attachments from BCS and Zanon.

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Atlas mission-enabling autonomy

This pack comes equipped with Atlas, Burro’s new mission-based autonomy tool. With Atlas, operators can remotely map areas or set precise rows to mow using an intuitive online tool. Operators can then push routes to Burros and direct them to mow anytime, day or night. Paired with Burro’s autonomous dock technology, this pack enables autonomously mowing 24/7.

What are you waiting for?

Your grass never stops growing. Burro never stops mowing. Order today and keep your rows and fields trimmed.